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Professional Development For Teachers

Our school environments are changing and our 21st century students are different and more diverse than ever before. Our school regularly offers Professional Development for teachers who work with students with challenging behaviours and have received extremely positive feedback. The content of these courses provide research based knowledge and skills to new and experienced teachers, building their capacity to support and engage students with difficult behaviours. Communication skills, questioning techniques, evaluation questions, and the triangle of blame are an example of different strategies used at WLC.  This information and these skills covered are based on the belief that the only person we can really control is ourselves.  Courses usually run over an 8 week period once a week for 2 hours. Participates are expected to practise these skills between each week and these effective new skills will accumulate over time.

DEC staff can apply to be a part of any upcoming training by logging into their MyPL account.  Our training is publicised through emails to local schools and via word of mouth and always fill fast. If you are looking to participate in training, it is best to call our school before logging onto MyPL, to find out when the next course is available.