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Come For a Visit

Parents, prospective students and DEC staff are welcome to visit our school for a variety of reasons:

  • Parents – Any parents of a prospective student, or parents looking for more effective ways to manage their children’s behaviour, or interested community members are welcome to visit WLC and see how we operate.  Your host can take you through a day in the life of our school and discuss with you how we can help you establish better relationships with your children.
  • Students – Students are welcome to visit with their parent/carer to take a look around and hear about the exciting things we do at WLC.
  • DEC staff – Any DEC staff are welcome to visit to talk about the challenges they face dealing with difficult students and see how strategies on this website are used in everyday classroom situations.

We also work with the University of Newcastle and local TAFE settings to provide placements for under-graduate and post-graduate students on a regular basis.