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Connecting and Disconnecting Habits

They say you have to do something 26 times for it to become a habit!  In families we are so practised at using relationship destroying behaviours that they have become habitual.  These relationship destroying behaviours are – the  DISCONNECTING  HABITS  of


                    complaining,    punishing,    blaming,   


              rewarding (to control),   criticizing,    nagging,  


                            threatening,    using sarcasm


AND  forget to use the relationship builders  (until they  become habitual) – the CONNECTING  HABITS of


   supporting,    believing,    listening,    encouraging,   


 accepting,    respecting,   negotiating


At WLC, we try to always use the CONNECTING  HABITS  to establish and maintain positive relationships with our students. Since we know only too well that we cannot MAKE our students do whatever  we want, we use the CONNECTING  HABITS to develop positive relationships and have INFLUENCE  and be in a position to teach, guide and help them learn the necessary skills for a happy life. We always do our best to model the behaviours we want the students to learn.