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We strive to develop and deliver engaging, thoughtful, fun, relevant, interesting, age appropriate programs.  We disguise the ‘work’ of literacy and numeracy into games and inquiry based learning.  Most of our students have been disengaged with ‘school’ for a substantial amount of time and us doing what they just from (mostly traditional literacy and numeracy tasks) would seem quite silly as it hasn’t work there so we try something different.  Physical activity is also a fundamental part of our program. It is as important to us that our students improve their literacy and numeracy skills and even more so they improve their picture of themselves. We are lucky enough to be a part of the Active After Schools Program (AASP) funded by the federal government. This program enables our students to experience things like surfing, sailing, rockclimbing, and tennis. As majority of our students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds these are activities they would never get the chance to experience, it is thru this physical experience the students can take risks and gain enormous amounts of self-esteem and self-worth.