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A Day at WLC

In class: Every day at WLC students improve their literacy and numeracy skills through working on their Individual Education Plan (IEP). These plans cater to the students’ academic needs and interests.


During the first part of the morning at WLC you will often see students completing work that resembles the work that is being completed in any classroom in any school (e.g. Spelling, Numeracy, Reading and Creative Writing). This ensures our students are keeping on track with the academic work their peers are completing at their home school.


WLC students have two distinct advantages over their home schools peers. One difference is that class sizes are a maximum of 7 students with a teacher and support officer in each class. This means that each student receives more individual support with their learning.


Another advantage is that staff are able to base the students IEPs on their interests using Integrated Units. WLC students engage with Integrated Units that include Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology, HSIE, Creative Arts and PDHPE skills while also learning more about volcanos, engineering, ants, flying machines, magic/mystery and energy.


The end result… Our students have immersed themselves in these Units and created some amazing things.


In the playground: Our playground is like any other playground in a typical Australia school. Many of our students enjoy playing handball, basketball and soccer and, during their time at WLC, become quite skilled at their favourite sports.


Other students like to just sit in the sun (or the shade depending on the seasons) and chat about their favourite video games and TV shows or even challenge themselves on our advanced climbing equipment.


Staff at WLC love being outside and active so much that most of them are in the playground every break joining in on a game of soccer or a conversation.


Electives- Everyone at WLC loves electives. Every Tuesday the school splits for the afternoon into four electives – Cooking, Woodwork, Design and Fishing. Students switch electives every 5 weeks, ensuring everyone gets to try each elective. The skills students bring to electives and the skills gained while they participate in electives continue to amaze WLC staff.


Electives also allow students to use the literacy and numeracy skills they have learnt in real world situations. In cooking students measure ingredients and read recipes, while Woodwork also needs good measuring and reading skills. The Design elective utilises the student’s creativity and planning skills and Fishing brings reading and measurement (of the size of all the fish they catch!) into the real world.

All of our electives help to improve each student’s ability to work in a team, be resilient and be successful.


Electives are fun. In woodwork you get to use a hammer and saw” Brodie, 13


Sports- Recent research found only half of the students in NSW are engaging in enough physical activity. At WLC we strive to ensure all of our students are not just active, but develop a love of participating in sport. Many of our students miss out on opportunities to try new sports due to a lack of transport, time, money or their behaviours have led to them being excluded from local sporting groups. We encourage our students to be more active by exposing them to a wide variety of sporting activities at least twice a week with the support of quality sports instructors. These have included tennis, surfing, bushwalking, laser tag, skate park visits, rock-climbing, indoor soccer, ice-hockey, trampolining orienteering, yoga, dragon-boating, rugby league and sailing. Most importantly it is awesome fun!!  



I liked Tennis, it was fun”. Blaide, 13


Other fun favourites of WLC students       

As with most schools, WLC has some favourite activities to do if we have some spare time. Here are some you can try at home!


Geoguessr: An internet game based on Google Street View. It is like a worldwide game of hide and seek. Staff and students alike love looking for clues and have learnt a lot about the world around us.


Geoguessr is fun because of the different places you get to see”. Khoby, 14


Killer (card game): While ‘Killer’ can be a bit tricky to learn (and even trickier to master) it is an addictive game of skill and luck that has taken WLC by storm. If you know someone who is from WLC ask for a complementary coaching session on how to play.

‘It’s fun, it’s social, it’s competitive”. Noah, 11


3D Tuning- While the concept is simple, the graphics and attention to detail of 3D Tuning are something else. Like an online ‘Pimp My Ride’, 3D Tuning allows the user to find almost any car in the world and jazz it up, changing its wheels and paint colour, and adding wings and awesome looking decals.

Players note: Be sure to create your own log-in so you can save and print your creations.