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Students at WLC are fortunate in many ways. One way is the school staff’s capacity to cater for all students’ academic programs to suit their ability level and their interests. The consequence of this is that students are motivated to engage in their programs and their learning is more meaningful.


Numeracy is one subject where students especially enjoy negotiating their program and using their time at WLC to increase their skills and attempt work they may have felt intimidated by previously. This flexibility and the additional staff support has led to many WLC students making amazing improvements in numeracy.  


Staff regularly liaise with the home schools of WLC students so they can determine what topics their peers are working on and incorporate this into their numeracy programs.  


As with all subjects on the curriculum, WLC staff use their practical and out-of-school activities strategically to provide opportunities for students to apply their numeracy skills in real world situations. This includes numeracy concepts such as time, measurement, capacity, angles, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, patterns and problem-solving in activities such as cooking, woodwork, fishing, design, surfing, skateparks, trampolining and tennis.