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School Camp 2015


In May 2015 the staff and students of Woodberry Learning Centre packed our bags and went on a 3 day camp at the Great Aussie Bush Camp at Tea Gardens.


As we prepared to leave it amazed us that many of our students had never been on a school camp and some had never stayed away from home before.


After settling in and meeting our enthusiastic Camp Instructors, Sarah and Liz, we ate lunch and then wandered down to the lake to enjoy a leisurely kayak session (and mercifully no one fell in on what was a pretty cold day!). At one stage Liz and Sarah organised for all of our kayaks to join together creating one big raft, and then encouraged us to move around from one kayak to another. Credit goes to Liam who ‘walked’ from one end of our temporary raft to the other.


After a tiring kayak session many of us thought the rest if the day might have been less active. How wrong we were!


A quick lesson in fitting our harnesses and next thing we were 5 metres up in the air completing the camps Ropes Course.  What amazed WLC staff and the instructors was the willingness of our students to have a go and try something that look very confronting from ground level.


So impressed were Sarah and Liz that they decided we could try the much more challenging High Ropes course. This was a real test with difficult obstacles, high up, and with very little opportunity for support from someone at ground level. Again, almost all of the students had a go and overcame their fear of heights and of failure to complete the course.


By the end of Day 1 we were all exhausted and, after an hour or two around the fire most of us turned in for an early night. Unfortunately 4 students refused to stay in bed and, whether due to the excitement of being away from home, behaved in such a way that the following day they needed to be taken home.


Day 2 began much like how Day 1 ended with a fire and a hearty breakfast. Then it was off to one of the highest rock climbing walls any one of us had ever seen. Staff and students alike attacked the wall and one (Sean) even got right to the top.


Next was some more time around the fire while Sarah taught us how to make damper on a stick, delicious!


We needed all the energy we could get for our next activity. The group was split up into three teams and challenged to build a raft that could hold the whole team as they raced it across the lake and back. The teams were then given basic supplies of planks of wood and rope and the race was on.


Two solid and one not so solid rafts were constructed and, despite the fact it almost sank (twice), the not so solid raft won the race (well done Coby, Cooper and Geoff).


We then ended another tiring day with another amazing activity. Again almost everyone took the big step off the flying-fox platform and glided across Lake Ivan at over 10 metres high!


It was the end of another day and, again, we were all exhausted and after dinner and a really fun scavenger hunt (in complete darkness) we all went to bed.


Day three we were all exhausted, but still found the energy to participate one of the most fun activities of the whole week, the Giant Swing! Despite another huge height to overcome, all of the students and staff bravely swung right from the top. It was truly the most exhilarating experience of the entire trip.


After our last lunch we then packed up our gear and drove back to school exhausted and full of stories and memories to share with our families. It was a big few days but we all look forward to heading to camp again next year.


Thank you to the Great Aussie Bush Camp (Tea Gardens), and especially camp instructors, Liz and Sarah, for giving us such wonderful experiences.


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